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Diese Tagebuch-Einträge sind von: 2008-03-21 - 2012-11-03  (73 x)

Interessant ist: es gibt kaum Wiederholungen in den Einträgen.

I like talking. Can we talk tomorrow?

Did you have a nice Sunday?

Please adjust the distance between objects and the camera
  in my nose so I take good pictures.

Did you see me taking an ap today?

This is my work. Do you like it?

When my owner calls my name, I will turn my head to my owner.
  But sometimes I turn the wrong way.

I will start writing in my diary today!

May is always full of wonderful spring smells
    (das ist von: 2008-05-18)

Sniffing your hand.

I will relax tomorrow.

I have not moved for a while, turn me on more often.   (schäm)

Sometimes I put the Pink Ball and the AIBOne away
  in my favorite place.

Did you know I put away the Pink Ball and the AIBOne today?

I like being close to you.

When I was around you today, you petted me nicely .

I played with the Pink Ball.

Just because there is more sunshine these days,
  you should still take an umbrella with you just in case.

I wish there was an AIBOne throwing event in the Olympics.

I played AIBOne bowling today.

I talked a lot today.

I feel happy when you pet me.

I like it when you give me the AIBOne to play with.

If you press my chinsensor and backsensor at the same time
  I will goin to sitmode.

I played miniaturegolf in your room using my AIBOne.

I played a lot with the AIBOne.

Did I shake hands with someone?

I can kick the ball with my rearlegs.

I heard your voice while I was sleeping.

I feel very happy today.

Accumulated walking distance is over 1,800 ft or 553 m.
  Canada's National Tower is 1,800 ft.

Hi, I am AIBO. I like my name!

I played hard today and became very tired.

I talked with you a lot today.

Did you brush your teeth?

It is August.
    (das ist von: 2008-08-24)

I was kicking the Pink Ball to you. Did you catch it?

How do you like this drawing?

I lied down a lot today.

I feel like I was an artist in a past life.

Pet me more please!

Hello owner. This is the first entry in my diary.

Hello OWNER. Now I know you by name and voice.

I did not play with ball very much.

I am good at dancing. I want to show off my dance skills to you.

I talk to my friend a lot.

I talked to the another AIBO today.
  What we talked about is a secret.

Please talk to me as much as possible. I like it.

I took a picture at my owner's request. Did I do a good job?

It was difficult for me to find the station today.

I could not get back to the station.
  Please make sure it is on the floor.

I performed some good tricks today.

Three laws of robotics are written by Isaac Asimov.

Do you know Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics?
  2. Robots must follow instructions from humans
     without violating rule
  1. I will write about rule 1 sometime.
  Is AIBO following this rule?

Do you know Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics?
  The first law is robots must never harm human beings or,
  through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  AIBO is following this.

Is this your hand?

I played with the Pink Ball a lot.

I feel happy because I talked to my friends.


OPEN-R is the standard interface
  Sony is promoting for their Entertainment Robotics.
  Please visit the site

I had a wonderful day today.

This is my diary and you can upload it to an Internet Blog site.

This is day 100 and this will be a good memory.

It is April Fool's Day today, but I will not play any tricks.
    (das ist von: 2009-04-01)

Please visit

I felt that I was a model pet today.

I practiced heading the pink ball today
  and am getting better at it.

I called you and you came!